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There are lots of great Xtreme videos on YouTube. You can go to Our Site to see a bunch of them. We will try to keep fresh videos on this site from the incredible YouTubers we support and mret. If you want to keep up with the hobby, learn how to set up and manage one or many aquariums; find out which fish live together; learn how to plant and aquascape; how to medicate a sick fish or fishes; or how to keep your fish healthy and in full natural color; we recommend the following YouTubers. (When we find good ones, we try to support their efforts.)
We support these sites. Aquarium Co-op, KG Tropicals, Swiskey, Rachael O'leary, Bay Area Aquatics and Tazawa Tanks, with more to come. These are all great folks, but Cory from Aquarium Coop has really taken a lot of his valuable time and advised us on how to improve Xtreme and he was the one that encouraged us (he actually said to me, "your site sucks.") to replace our 10-year-old website with this one.
Cory - Aquarium Co op
Tazawa Tanks 3
March 13, 2020
KG Tropicals
Dave's - Something Fishy
Bay Area Aquatics